Our story

Launched in 2019, HateemTai.com is the most cherished platform for the people. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world.

Shopping Online is never easy, there is always issue with shipping, product quality, quality of service and availability of all daily shopping needs. At hateemtai.com we have solved all the issues and brought all the finest products that you will need daily as well as occasionally. Hateemtai.com has also made it possible to buy your native products from anywhere in the world.

Dr. Kazi Saleheen

Our Vision

HateemTai.com brings you countless items in more than 40 diverse significant classes. We will be your one-stop shopping platform who will bring you the products that you can’t find in your local market. Customers for these products are located all over the world, and exchange hundreds of dream products in HateemTai

As a stage, we keep on creating administrations to enable customers to touch their dream products and find new chances.

Regardless of whether it's sourcing from your cell phone or reaching providers in their nearby language, swing to HateemTai.com for all your product needs.

As a member of the HateemTai Group, our main goal is to make it simple to work together anyplace. We do this by giving providers the channel to contact a worldwide population for their items, and by helping purchasers discover items and providers rapidly and proficiently.