Bangladeshi people call themselves as “mache-vatee Bangali” , meaning that they are Bengali who eat rice (vate) and fish (mach) as their staple food. The beautiful country has six seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. Each season boasts for its unique nature, offering various types f fishes. Though climate change has affected the production of various fishes, there are still plenty of fishes. So does the number of different fish curry or dishes.

What is Fish Curry?

Fish curry is a specialized dishes, highlighting fish with creamy consistency or even thin broth. Tomato, vegetables, or sometimes only fishes are cooked using various spices. It is hardly possible to find any Bengali home where fish curry is not served. Every day or almost all day, Bangladeshi people enjoy fish in their lunch and dinner either with vegetables or in the form of fish curry.

 Most popular Fish Curry in Bangladesh and Fish Curry Recipe:

There are mainly two types of fish curry. One is made with fried fish, while another type is prepared with fish and its broth. Some people use the fried fish in their Curry while other marinated the fish with spices and then cooked. Here are some of the common fish curry with recipes:

  • Fish Fry: Commonly, all types of fish, either sea fish or fish from the freshwater origin, can be enjoyed through frying, including Rohu, , shrimp, flatfish, Anabus, Pomfret, etc. Some prefer deep frying, while others just slightly fry the fish. No matter the frying nature, the fish fry is always mouthwatering and tasty.

  • Sorshe Ilish: Among the various popular dishes which are made with the national fish of Bangladesh, “sorshe ilish” is the most valued one. This unique recipe used mustard oil, mustard paste, onion and garlic paste, turmeric, chili powder, and coriander leaves.


  • Fish with vegetables: This is probably the most common recipe in Bangladesh. It is hardly possible to find dishes without fish. Bangladeshi people eat fish Curry regularly with seasonal vegetables. Such as, in winter, one of the common dishes is fish with cauliflower and bean. Additionally, any types of leafy greens are also enjoyed with big fishes.

  • “Macher Jhol” or Fish broth: Fish curry-like “sorshe ilish” or fish fry are the prime dishes for any occasion while “macher jhol” is the most common and everyday fish curry system. People enjoy the broth of this dish every much. Using various spice and spice paste, this “jhol” or broth is prepared. The most common fishes that are used for making this recipe are barbel, striped snakehead, catfish, gring, catfish. Bangladeshi people love to make “macher jhol” with these fishes instead of frying. However, common fishes like Rohu, carp, tilapia, pangasius, or even ilish are also used for making this Curry.

  • Small fish Bhuna or “ Morich khola”: “ Morich Khola” is a traditional fish curry system where small fishes like corica soborna, small-fry, shrimp, etc. are used. Necessary spices like garlic paste, chopped onion, tomato, green chili, turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander leaves, oil, and a small amount of water are mixed with different types of small fishes. Then all the marinated things are folded in a broad banana leaf. After that, they cooked the fish either by steaming or over the stove in low flame for 20-30 minutes. In some regions, people use pumpkin leaves, which is also edible. The dish is popular among the people of the Noakhali and Barisal district.

  • Smashed Spotted Snakehead: This recipe is not actually Curry. You must taste potato smashed in your home. This smashed recipe is mainly made with spotted snakehead and boiled bean. Before preparing the recipe, you have to remove the bones of the fish.

  • Bombay Duck Curry: As Bombay duck is primarily available in Chittagong because of the presence of Sea, the dish is mainly enjoyed by the Chittagonian people. However, people from all over the country love this dish. This dish is also similar to other Curry. All the ingredients and spices are mixed together along with the cooking oil. Then put the pan over the stove and wait for 20-30 minutes for the delicious Curry.

Type of Fish used in Curry:

In Bangladesh, people used all kinds of fishes to make Curry. Though fish fry is also famous, fish curry is the most popular and most eaten food recipe in the country. If you want to enjoy the delicious and mouthwatering fish curries, collect the essential spices, that you can find from and prepare your meal.