22,118,637 & 778,830 just look at these numbers. These are not some ordinary numbers.  22,118,637 is the number of people affected by corona virus all over the world and 778,830 is the number of people who died of COVID-19 till today. But this is not the end because these numbers are not standing still. They are increasing in every moment across the world. The scariest thing is that there is no cure to stop this pandemic. Scientists in every corner of the world are working on the invention of the cure for this virus. It becomes the biggest challenge we have ever faced since world war two. It is killing people, destroying the economy, creating a political and social crisis. So what should we do to avoid this situation?  The World Health Organization has recommended some preventive measures to prevent this pandemic. One of those life-saving measures is “Hand Hygiene”.

How COVID-19 pandemic spread:

One can be affected by Corona virus from other people or surfaces when you:

  • Touch your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching a contaminated surface or objects.
  • Blow your nose, cough, or sneeze in public and establish direct contact with other people or common objects. Since coughs, sneezes spray small liquid droplets that may contain the COVID-19 virus.

Ingredients of Hand Hygiene:

Sanitize hand with conventional soap and water is the most reliable way to prevent COVID-19. If soap and water are not frequently available, you can use hand sanitize containing 60%-95% alcohol. You can find the amount of alcohol by looking at the product label.

What is Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer, usually available in three forms. Liquid, gel, and foam. It destroys contagious agents on hand to avert contagion. Scientifically alcohol mixed sanitizer contains some combination of isopropyl alcohol. E.g.

  • Ethanol.
  • n-propanol.

Sanitizer with 60%-95% alcohol is obligatory. Sanitizer without alcohol typically contain-

  • Benzalkonium chloride.
  • Triclosan.

The World Health Organization has included the alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the list of essential medicines for realizing the need.

How to use hand sanitizer:

  • Apply the sanitizer on the palm of one hand.
  • Rub hands together.
  • Apply on all surfaces until dry.

However, There are some basic precautions,

  • If hands remain dirty or greasy, Hand sanitizers may not be efficacious.
  • It fails to remove harmful chemicals from hand.

Key Times to Sanitize Hands:

  • Before eating food.
  • After shaking hands.
  • After caring patient.
  • After blowing the nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • After traveling a public place.
  • After coming in contact with contaminated items or surfaces.
  • Before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth because this is the way germs or viruses enter the human body.

Hand Sanitizers safe or not:

  • Hand sanitizer is not safe if you come in contact with the fire before drying the applying sanitizer in hand. The reason is Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can catch fire due to the flammable alcohol in it.
  • Hand sanitizer is not safe if you want to swallow it after knowing there is alcohol in it. It will cause alcohol poisoning.
  • In terms of using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, doubt is rising in the minds of Muslims because consuming alcohol is prohibited in Islam. On the contrary, hand sanitizer is a must to avoid this pandemic. To get Muslims out of this dilemma, Malaysia’s religious affairs minister declared that the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is permissible. In the context of his remarks, he explained that alcohol using for medical or personal purposes is safe if its use does not make us intoxicated.

The effectiveness of Hand sanitizers against COVID-19:

To exclude the direct and indirect spread of corona virus, the exact involvement of hand hygiene is currently unknown. Although washing hands can prevent microorganisms up to a certain stage, it does not provide complete protection from contagion. We all know that no matter how big a problem is, there must be a solution. Laboratory data demonstrate that in the range of alcohol concentrations the alcohol-based hand sanitizer inactivates SARS-CoV-2.

Hand Sanitizer vs Soap:

In most clinical situations, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is accepted over soap and water; but it is healthy to apply hand sanitizer to visibly clean hands because the dirty or greasy hands decrease the disinfectant’s ability to disinfect and increase the life risk. To avoid this situation, visibly soiled hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before using hand sanitizer.

Which Hand Sanitizer should be used:

There are two types of hand sanitizer:

  • Alcohol-based version.
  • Non-alcohol based version.

We should use the alcohol-based version to prevent coronavirus. The hand sanitizer that contains 60%- 95% alcohol is most effective. Alcohol-based sanitizers containing at least 70% alcohol kills 99.9% of the contagious elements on hands in 30 seconds and 99.99% in one minute. On the contrary, there are no instructions that have been found on scientific grounds to use non-alcohol based hand sanitizers in terms of preventing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here we can suggest some hand sanitizers which are effective to reduce the spread of viruses and keep ourselves safe in this pandemic.

  • Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer: One of the effective hand sanitizer in the market. It will destroy 99.99 % of germs in few seconds. Enriched with fragrance and glycerin, which will protect your skin. Price: 139 taka (50 ml)
  • Savlon Instant Hand Sanitizer: It can be your daily life companion to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Kill 99.99% of germs. Filled with fragrance. It confirms the protection from germs and user’s skin. Price: 200 taka (200 ml)
  • Sepnil Hand Sanitizer:This is the product of Square Toiletries Ltd. It ensures protection on the go. Price: 150 taka (100ml) & 200 taka (200 ml).
  • Care-on Instant Hand Sanitizer: rinse free and kill 99.99% of germs. Enriched with  fragrance and glycerin. Product of Ziska Pharma. Price: 130 taka (100 ml).
  • Germnil Hand sanitizer: Produced by BMTF Ltd. which is running under the management of Bangladesh Army.Price: 220taka (250 ml).
  • Clean Gel Hand Sanitizer: Product of ACI Pharma. Price: 100 taka (50 ml).
  • Hexisol Hand Sanitizer: Product from ACI Pharma. Effectively kill 99.99% of germs. Price: 35 taka (50 ml)
  • Carew’s Hand Sanitizer: Produced by Carew & Co.
  • Almer Hand Sanitizer: Kill 99.99 %  germs. Filled with with fragrance and glycerin to keep skin smooth. Price: 160 taka (50 ml).
  • Mediker Safe Life Hand Sanitizer:For supporting Bangladesh in the health and hygiene sector, Marico Bangladesh has launched Mediker Safe Life hand sanitizer and hand-wash. Price: 65 taka (40 ml).

How to buy Hand Sanitizer online :

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