It has been 4 months since the emergence of the first Covid-19 case in Bangladesh. The whole country’s been in lockdown ever since. While the lockdown appears to be in somewhat at ease recently, it’s still imperative that we stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out. It seems as though we are still a bit far away from a possible vaccine or any effective medicine to cope with this coronavirus situation.

So, it’s probably safe to say the only way to cope with this current situation is to maintain proper social distancing, keeping human contact at an absolute minimum.


Manage Essentials and Social Distancing

But maintaining social distance isn’t as simple as it sounds. We still need to go out for everyday essentials. No matter how much the government or the health people tell us to stay at home, there are things that can’t be done without going out. Well, this scenario I’ve just explained is not completely true in 2020 even in our own country, Bangladesh. It might’ve been true if we were still living, say for example, in 2105. But in 2020, we can do almost everything from paying utility bills to buying everyday essentials while staying at home.

It is all because of the rapid development of E-Commerce Business sector and Mobile Banking Systems like bKash, Rocket. It’s not just Mobile Banking, people in Bangladesh are also using Debit/Credit Cards now more than ever. As a result, it has become quiet convenient for the people to turn to online purchasing from e-commerce sites within Bangladesh like HateemTai, a trusted e-commerce shop for all your everyday needs.


Buy Food While Staying Home

Until things get sorted out with this pandemic, e-commerce sites are our best bet to maintain as less human contact as possible. Even though brick and mortar stores have started to open up again, it’s not necessary to go out and shop from an actual physical store where we can do just fine using an e-commerce site. These e-commerce sites have almost anything we possibly need whether be it clothes or groceries. And the best part is they don’t just sell you stuff, they do the delivery at your doorstep as well.

What you need to do is just pre-plan the things you need and order up those things once you are decided. They will then deliver all the things you’ve ordered within a few days depending on your location. And while all this happens, you’d never have to go out of your house which is exactly what we need in these difficult times to stay at home more.


Disinfect the Deliveries

One important thing though, is to disinfect the deliveries once you get them just like you would’ve done if you went out to buy things yourself. Because you can never be too careful with the virus that may be on the delivered goods whether you buy it yourself from a physical store or from an online shop. We all know how much tiring or boring it can be to stay at home all the time. But just because we are tired of this lockdown, it doesn’t mean we go out to stores or public places and put ourselves in potential danger of catching the virus.

Instead what you can do is shop online and if you are too bored you can go for walks in the morning just outside your house when there are less people out. But, of course, take all the necessary cautions while doing so.


Things We Learned in This Lock-Down

As of now we are still not sure as to when a possible vaccine will come out and things will get back to normal. We pray that it’s not too far away. But whether a vaccine comes out or not, the lockdown seems to be loosened up and everything is slowly starting to open up again. So, it’s on us to decide how well we deal with it.

There are a few things that we all should learn from this outbreak. Mainly in our behavioral aspects of life, things like avoiding public gathering, wearing masks outside, not touching our face with hands too often, not touching our tongue before counting money, washing hands frequently etc. Along with all this we should adapt technologies like online meetings for your business, online classes for your kids, online shopping to maintain a better social distancing.

If we can buy things online, then why go outside and possibly endanger our life! Click here to visit one of the best online shopping site in Bangladesh and order your groceries online and enjoy home delivery in few hours. They have a wide range of products to make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible so that you get everything at one place.

And finally, hope we get over these difficult times soon. But while we are still at it, we should embrace the power and ease of e-commercing.